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Think of us as a marriage between a tech company and a logistics company: we’re strategizing how to increase product visibility in the e-marketplace while ensuring efficient supply chain management to provide consistency for customers.

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Content Management

We optimize your listings so that the right customers find your products.


We utilize advertising to fuel Amazon’s flywheel effect and drive even more sales.

Brand Protection

We help protect your brand and pricing from fraudulent and counterfeit sellers.


We take care of your shipping and returns with our highly trained warehouse team.

New Product Launches

We leverage all available tools to ensure visibility and growth for new products.

Partnership for Growth

Our success is totally aligned to yours, making us the best agency to partner with.

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Tailored SolutionHonest Service

Tailored Solution

We are Top 20 Amazon seller of all time for a reason. We know Amazon and I know that we will build sales for your brand. Our process creates total alignment between your goals and our goals. BigFly is my baby and I know your brand is your baby. I will treat it that way. If you are one of our strategic partners, you have access to me any time you need it. You won’t hear from me during a sales pitch and then get passed off to my team. I work with my team every day to build sales for our partners and our team has been doing this for 17 years. We are interested in building long-term partnerships with amazing brands. My promise to you is that we will grow your brand.

– Chris Maillet, CEO

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients

“Very impressed!”

We began using BigFly to streamline our Amazon business and have been very impressed with their service thus far. BigFly is a very professional company with a strong understanding of Amazon’s business model and analytical tools. Our sales have increased and our brand has been protected thanks to BigFly!


Vice President, Color Club


Working with Big-Fly has simplified the Amazon selling process; since joining their team, we have seen increased sales and experienced excellent communication and service. As a multi-brand manufacturer, each of our brands must have a clear voice and vision, and the Big-Fly team has maintained this message across our portfolios and kept unauthorized sellers at bay. If you’re looking to grow your Amazon business, this is the team to help you achieve your goals!


Owner, Robanda International


It has been a privilege for us at Rothco to work with the team from BigFly. We have been successfully working together since 2010 and we value the relationship. It’s very refreshing to do business with a company who aims to please their customers and that cares passionately about performing as a team. We are very proud to have the relationship that we do with BigFly and we are very proud of their success. We look forward to working with them for the next few decades.


President, Rothco

“Significant increase in sales!”

Since starting our association with BigFly we have seen a significant increase in sales for all of our products.  Customers are happy to find our products easily online, and the ordering process is clear and precise. We look forward to our continued increase in sale orders through BigFly and their talented team.


President, Laila for Women

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