Increase sales by utilizing Amazon’s ever-increasing ad space

Attract New CustomersRetain and Upsell Existing CustomersAdvertise New ProductsGo After Competitors

Knowing how to utilize advertising to drive sales is the number 1 most important strategy for driving sales.

Defensive Advertising

Your competitors are buying space on your pages. We buy up that space with your products so if a customer is going to click away, they will click away to another one of your product offerings.

Offensive Advertising

There are thousands of competitive and complementary products on Amazon where a customer might consider buying your product instead. We find those products and position ads that will draw traffic away from competitors and send them to you.

Keyword Advertising

We tirelessly find keywords that complement our organic search strategies and not only increase sales directly from the ads, but improve your organic search rank so you get a double benefit of moving up in Amazon’s search algorithm.

Storefront Advertising

Driving customers to your storefront on Amazon makes it harder for them to leave. It is a great way to build loyal customers who will come back.

Subscribe and Save

For many products, there is a long-term lifetime value of encouraging them to sign up for a weekly or monthly delivery. We take care to push as many customers to be come subscribers so they automatically receive your products each month.

Changing Landscape

Every year, Amazon creates more space for ads. We devise a comprehensive advertising strategy that will be refreshed as new opportunities arise, meaning you will always stay current and take advantage of Amazon’s changing landscape.

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